Documentation, observation, inspiration, experimentation, meditation, appreciation, completion, independence, perspective, practice, play…

Grateful for the instruments with which we can capture and create our works in sight and sound. Tools which stretch and suspend our senses and attention in unique or unpredictable ways, responding to life, giving us new methods within which to frame experience, compose and build upon our visions and paths of influence beyond category. Freedom and evolution in presentation, sharing the spirit and enthusiasms in such.






I sense music,

in the tide of the sea,
the sway of the branches,
the stillness of the mantis,
the glow of the moon,

or in the way how my arms would reach to the sky,
my eyes would travel in the space,
my foot would meet the earth,

Soften the skin,
open the perception,
synchronize the breath,
in communion with everything around.

I start to sense one music within and without.



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