Field Recordings



Atmospheres, experiences, different things, unexpected things, chance moments, travels, ideas, long meditations…

As it has become possible now to so easily record the environments in which we live and pass through, so have our callings for observation and appreciation expanded and deepened. Our relationships to the “footage” and “material” we work with, learn from and share have grown. Bigger influences of life and residing come into play now and interconnect through our listening practice and evolution.




Dawn from Bako National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia | April 2019


Borneo | 6:30pm – 12:30am, Mt. Buan, Sarawak jungle, heavy rain into night life | April 2019


Borneo | 5:30-9am Mt. Buan, Sarawak jungle pre-dawn to morning | April 2019


2:30-8:30am birds, Glava Sweden | June 24, 2019


2am birds, Oslo, Norway | June 21, 2019


Brattåsen woods 2-6am birds, Vestby, Norway | June 17, 2019


Brattåsen woods afternoon birds, Vestby, Norway | June 16, 2019


Clear as crow, Tamagawadai park, Tokyo | 9am January 1, 2018


Frogs overnight by the pond, Tassajara Canyon, California | April 4, 2018


Humming hummingbirds by the bird feeder, Tassajara Canyon, California | 7am April 5, 2018


New Year’s Eve distant temple bells at midnight, Tamagawadai Park, Tokyo | December 31, 2017


Gang of crows,—Hōrai Park ambience, Denenchofu, Tokyo |


Overnight in Rocky Nook Park creek, Santa Barbara, California | June 29, 2017


Paris 5am birds, Paris (19th arr.) near Parc des Buttes Chaumont | May 31, 2017


Oslo 3am birds, Oslo | May 21, 2017


Frogs overnight by the pond and creek,  Tassajara Canyon, California | April 16, 2017



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