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Ishindenshin (以心伝心) is a Japanese idiom which denotes the interpersonal communication through unspoken words and mutual understanding, between minds and hearts.














Musical journey in improvisation,

Exploring sound and movement in nature and intentional space.

Dream, offering, ritual, meditation. . .

Returning to harmony with All Our Relations.










Seshen is an improvisor—vocalist and movement artist from Japan, living in Oslo, Norway, performing, teaching, holding the space for groups internationally. Her artistic practice is to embody and share the communion with nature through her music and movement. Through the practices in nature, sustainable living, meditation, healing practice, indigenous traditions and ancient cosmology, she dedicates to integrate holistic perspectives into her arts .










Ben Gerstein


Ben Gerstein is a trombonist and artist from Santa Barbara, California. Based in New York City since 1995, he collaborates with groups and individuals around the world. His music and works explore influences of nature, composition, culture and art through improvisation, performance, multi-instrumental and mixed-media practices.












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